files & projects related to: crypto-tribes, phyles, crypto-anarchy, agorism
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This is

We host files & projects related to crypto-anarchy, phyles, agorism and related subject – and offer various services related to crypto-tribes and darknets.
This is also the home of the #agora IRC server.

Alternative addresses

This server is available through:

Since we have had several downtimes of our clearnet gateways, all regular visitors are advised to bookmark the darknet addresses as well.

SSL Fingerprints (webserver):

  • MD5: EF:64:F6:B6:84:3E:28:D6:E2:53:EC:37:E1:33:3F:28
  • SHA1: C3:39:06:1C:07:24:87:E5:98:AB:C7:53:C0:CB:58:7A:63:43:A4:A3 (irc server):

  • MD5: FA:CC:BC:C8:B3:7B:3A:92:71:CF:2C:FF:0D:92:53:8D
  • SHA1: 92:66:E6:09:62:BB:4A:FB:31:16:72:D5:3D:B3:B1:E7:B3:D9:32:54

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