Open WhisperSystems


Open WhisperSystems is the maker of RedPhone and TextSecure, free and open-source software designed to allow users to make end-to-end encrypted phone calls and text messages from their regular mobile phone.

Moxie Marlinspike is a core contributor to the Open WhisperSystems project. His research has focused primarily on techniques for intercepting communication, as well as methods for strengthening communication infrastructure against interception. Formerly the head of the security team at Twitter, he currently dedicates most of his time to working on privacy enhancing technology projects.

Project: Encrypted iPhone Calls and Texts

RedPhone is a Free and Open Source private calling app designed to be dead simple to install and totally frictionless to use. It provides end-to-end encryption for a users’ calls, but integrates directly into the Android dialer and contacts so that a user doesn’t have to alter their workflow in any way.

TextSecure is a Free and Open Source end-to-end encrypted asynchronous chat app, designed to mimic the standard text messaging experience as closely as possible. Open WhisperSystems’ TextSecure efforts are focused on advancing the state of the art for asynchronous forward-secure messaging protocols, while simultaneously making those advancements as invisible and effortless as possible for the user.

Projects like RedPhone and TextSecure enable journalists, activists, and democracy advocates to communicate securely without adding friction or altering their workflow. Donations will help with improved RedPhone call quality and the development effort for iPhones.

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