Anonymous Email Communication


If you are using one and the same address more then once in order to send or receive your E-mail, you are “creating” an identity with it. In the following you will find notes about web mail services as well as some web services designed to improve your privacy.


Remailer – Sending E-mails from disposable addresses

If you want to send E-mails, but do not want to reveal your identity to the addressee or a third party, the best thing is using an anon remailer. Some mixmaster remailer offer a web interface. If the addressee has a contact form on his web-site, of course, you may use rather that one.


Temporary E-mail accounts

If you are registering on web-forums you often have to leave an E-mail address in order to get a confirmation. If you do not want to use your own E-mail address for it, you may use rather one of the following temporary accounts.

  • Anonbox provided by Chaos Computer Club (account will be deleted at the next day 24:00, password protection). uses a SSL certificate signed by Because this CA is not trusted by default by all web browsers you have to verify the fingerprint of the certificate.
SHA1:    86 FC 1A 7B 16 2A 70 1C E0 5C F0 A9 25 52 5E 2D 7B 59 1D 6A
MD5:     2E 5F AD 20 66 E9 B0 6C 21 00 E2 F2 A2 F8 81 D8