VeraCrypt is a free disk encryption software brought to you by IDRIX ( and that is based on TrueCrypt.

What does VeraCrypt bring to you?

VeraCrypt adds enhanced security to the algorithms used for system and partitions encryption making it immune to new developments in brute-force attacks.
VeraCrypt also solves many vulnerabilities and security issues found in TrueCrypt. The following post describes parts of the major enhancements and corrections done so far:

As an example, when the system partition is encrypted, TrueCrypt uses PBKDF2-RIPEMD160 with 1000 iterations whereas in VeraCrypt we use 327661. And for standard containers and other partitions, TrueCrypt uses at most 2000 iterations but VeraCrypt uses 655331 for RIPEMD160 and 500000 iterations for SHA-2 and Whirlpool.

This enhanced security adds some delay only to the opening of encrypted partitions without any performance impact to the application use phase. This is acceptable to the legitimate owner but it makes it much harder for an attacker to gain access to the encrypted data.

Starting from version 1.0f, VeraCrypt can load TrueCrypt volume. It also offers the possibility to convert TrueCrypt containers and non-system partitions to VeraCrypt format.

UPDATE December 30th 2014 : VeraCrypt 1.0f is out with many new features and enhancements. The most notable ones are the support of mounting and converting TrueCrypt volumes, and the speedup of the mounting process through the manual selection of the correct PRF algorithm. Download for Windows is here.

As usual, a MacOSX version is available in the Downloads section or by clicking on the following link. It supports MacOSX 10.6 and above and it requires OSXFUSE 2.3 and later( MacFUSE compatibility layer must checked during OSXFUSE installation.
Also a Linux version is available in the Downloads section or by clicking on the following link. The package contains the installation scripts for 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and for GUI and console-only version (choose which script is adapted the best to your machine).

All released files are signed with a PGP key available on the following link : . It’s also available on major key servers with ID=0x54DDD393.
Please check that its fingerprint is 993B7D7E8E413809828F0F29EB559C7C54DDD393.

SHA256 and SHA512 sums for all released files are available in the Downloads section.

VeraCrypt on the fly encrypting the system partition :
VeraCrypt Partition Encryption

VeraCrypt creating an encrypted volume :

VeraCrypt encrypted volume creation

Changing the GUI language of VeraCrypt
VeraCrypt Language Selection Dialog

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